Diego Fazio Drawings

Diego Fazio Drawings. Currently when you google the phrase diego koi, the majority of the links thrown back have to do with koi ponds in san diego. Precise lines and oriental techniques are at the basis of his success.

Photorealistic Pencil Drawings By Diego Fazio That Will ...
Photorealistic Pencil Drawings By Diego Fazio That Will … from theawesomedaily.com

He began by drawing the koi, a variety of carp from ancient china that was introduced to japan. Club drawings paintings amazing pencil drawings by diego fazio. You get really suspicious when you see the pictures made by diego fazio and are told that they are not actually captured by camera.

Inspired by katsushika hokusai, diego fazio started his career as a tattoo artist, ending up creating own pencil and chalk drawing technique.

Diego Fazio Drawings. Each meticulously detailed portrait can take up to 200 hours to complete. So real they're unreal (slideshow) by mallika rao. His speciality are hyper/extreme realistic pencil drawings. That situation is surely not long for this world (wide web).

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