Conte Charcoal Pencils

Conte Charcoal Pencils. It is designed so that it does not break, thus making it easy to transport. The lead is a combination of graphite and clay providing an unparalleled easy working characteristic.

Conte Compressed Charcoal |
Conte Compressed Charcoal | from

Its special characteristic is that it does not break, making it easy to transport. Original charcoal and conte pencil by artist l. Use in pencil form, charcoal produces more accurate and carrefully drawn lines than traditional charcoal and it.

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Conte Charcoal Pencils. Others say it is made of can i expose an inch of a graphite pencil and grind the lead against a sandpaper and use the sides. So many pencils to choose from! A natural charcoal form that is more compact and easier to handle. «variations on a tulip bulb.

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